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Hi there, I'm Amanda!

Specializing in Invisible Bead Extensions, Blonding, and Lived-In Color

I've known from a young age the hair industry was it for me. I loved being in the salon and always looked up to my stylists for their good energy and confidence.

I've been behind the chair for 8 years and I've never felt more connected to my clients and my craft. While you sit in my chair you can expect a completely custom experience, whether you're getting IBE, blonding, or lived in color. I work with all my guests to create a long-term plan to ensure your look is always fresh and you're never stuck in a routine. My goal is to make you feel your best and most confident self!

When I'm not in the salon, I'm hanging out with my husband enjoying local restaurants or traveling to our next greatest adventure!
When I have a moment to myself I enjoy finding a good new read or binge watching a new Netflix show!

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